"Create Your Peace Create Your Opportunities"

Hi I'm Andrea, from St.Louis Mo., Designer and Creator of "Focsii Collection" I Custom Design Accessories like Sunglasses/glasses, Purses/ Clutches, Backpacks, Also I have a Cosmetic Beauty Line with Lipgloss/Lipstick, Designed Press on Nails, and Eyelash Kits, and I design items for Homes and Weddings Decor. "Focsii Collection" Have been featured in Fashion Shows in St.Louis, Missouri and SBFWeek in Atlanta, also featured in St.louis Newspaper and magazine. Focsii Custom pieces has be given to and seen on celebrities like Cardi B, Amber Rose and Rayj. My Inspiration to design and create started 7yrs. ago when my Twin Brother Andre' passed away, I was In the darkness and lowest time of my life when he pass I was crushed, I had to find Strength all I could remember is how he use to Build me up with Confidence, He love my style and he always say to me ,"I should become a designer", So That's how it started I Found Strength and Peace in designing things that make people feel Confident and Stylish. The name "Focsii" means "Foxy" But its spelled different, People called me that because of how I dressed So I kept the Name it Fits. "Find Peace, Dream Big, Keep Faith and Create Opportunities". Thank You So Much for your Support!

Instagram: Courageous_by_focsii
Facebook business: FocsiiCollectionLLC